Clone to bootable external usb drive

In order to prepare for the inevitable demise of this Macbook Pro and get up and running quickly after a failure, I’d like to clone my bootcamp partition to a bootable external USB drive. My internal disk is 1TB (half MacOS, half Bootcamp(win10)) and the external drive is 2TB. Does this sound like the right procedure:

  1. Partition the external disk into three: (1) 500GB NTFS partition (2) 1TB NTFS partition, and (3) the rest HTFS
  2. on Mac run Winclone, choose “Volume to Volume cloning” to partition#1
  3. Simultaneously I could do TimeMachine to partition#3
  4. While on Windows, I use their “File History” to partition#2

Question: at step#2 how do I find the target disk? Does Winclone partition it for me? And how do I make it bootable?

On the day my Mac fails,

  1. Buy a new Macbook pro (current is 2015, I assume I could just use whatever Apple recommends)
  2. plug the disk in, and continue my work (would I need to do a step of installing drivers via a USB stick?)

Later, what’s the best way to clone that external disk to the new laptop’s internal disk? Just Winclone volume-to-volume, or is there another step? What if the new bootcamp partition is bigger than 500GB?

This is all just in preparation - it’s not dead yet, but it’s getting flaky and some of my work requires a faster CPU (I would love to run WSL2 on it but hyper-v still doesn’t work in Bootcamp if I’m not mistaken)

Thank y’all for your advice


I wouldn’t change the partitions. Just create a Winclone image to the HFS+ partition (or better yet, to a HFS+ formatted external volume). When you get the new computer, create a FAT32 partition and restore the Winclone image.