Clone Windows 10 to same drive as Catalina - Pre Purchase question

Hi There,

Just wondering if WinClone can do this:
I have an iMac (2012) running Catalina. It has an internal 1TB hard drive. I have an external 500GB SSD in an external USB enclosure and I have successfully used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone MacOS to the SSD - it successfully boots and runs from the SSD.
I have used the following steps to create a bootable Windows 10 which is also running off another external SSD:

I would like to create a spare partition on the 500GB SSD and clone the bootcamp Windows 10 SSD, so that both Windows 10 and MacOS Catalina boot from the one, single drive.
Can WinClone do this for me?

Please see this article:

long and short of it is that if it support EFI and the Mac and the drive support Windows booting externally, it may work.