Clone Windows into Mac BootCamp on Mojave

I’ve just spent the past couple months trying to get some legacy software running on my new Mac. My legacy software is very expensive and is not compatible with Windows 10. I purchased WinClone to move my BootCamp partition and could not get Windows 7 to Boot.
After a long path I had everyone confide that 1. My legacy software will not run in Windows 10 no way no how: 2. Mac OS Mojave BootCamp will not install any Windows lower than 10. 3. My WinClone transfer does not boot properly, I’m guessing because Mojave won’t run it.
So now I’ve spent $70 for Windows 10, $30 for Windows 7, and $40 for WinClone and still nothing. This is actually small potatoes considering my new Mac was $3000 and to upgrade my legacy software would be $8000!
The options I currently have are downgrade Mac OS to High Sierra which will run the Windows 7 or purchase Parallels to run Windows 7.
At least Parallels has a 14 day trial period so I’ll find out if that fixes the problem.

If anyone has more info on getting Windows 7 on Mojave let me know.

I’ll update this post as I learn more.

Bottom line it still doesn’t work. Parallels installed my Windows 7. The legacy software still won’t install directly. Winclone will not allow me to take my BootCamp image and install it directly into the Parallels Window 7 install. Thank goodness I used the free Parallels trial period.

We have a liberal refund policy. If it doesn’t work, I’ll refund your purchase. Click on the link in the footer on the main twocanoes page.


I’m not giving up this easy! But thanks for the offer. That’s fantastic customer service.

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