Clone Windows PC drive with Winclone

I want to use Winclone to transfer a HDD from a PC to an SSD. Using a USB3 dock on my Mac I created an image and successfully restored it to the target SSD but when I put the SSD back into the PC it will not boot. It just throws me immediately back to the BIOS. The SSD is recognized in BIOS and it is properly chosen as the primary boot device.

Using BootCamp on my iMac I am able to successfully boot the SSD into Windows.

Could someone please tell me how I can get my PC to boot successfully using the cloned SSD.

Is this something not possible with Winclone? Is it solely for copying BootCamp installations?

The goal is simply to move a non- BootCamp Windows install attached to my Mac externally from a HDD to an SSD.