Cloned Bootcamp works on MacPro 4.1, black screen on MacBook Pro Mid 2012


We used Winclone to clone a Bootcamp partition (direct) from a 250 SSD to an 960 SSD. We created the Bootcamp partition using the BC Utility and clone successfully. We used a MacPro 4.1 to do the cloning. However, in the MacBook that had the BC SSD before, Windows cannot boot (black screen with flash cursor and a short time cryptic NTFS).
The cloned BC can boot fine in the MacPro used to clone it.

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When Winclone restores, it detects the type of Mac that is restoring and sets how it boots (EFI or Legacy/MBR). It is likely that after you cloned, it was set to be legacy booting. It is relatively easy to resolve: Just install on Winclone on the MacBook, and change the boot mode to EFI. This article explains how to do that: