Cloned HDD to SSD--can't restore bootcamp

Before upgrading my iMac’s HDD to and SSD, I created a Winclone image of my bootcamp partition. Then I cloned the HDD onto the SSD, using Macrium Reflect’s cloning utility (using a bootable USB flash drive). The cloning operation appeared to be successful, all partitions were copied from HDD to SSD.

Now that the SSD is in the iMac, I’m able to boot into Mac but if I try to boot into Windows I get a blue screen/recovery error.

When logged into Mac, if I try to restore my Winclone image onto the SSD, it doesn’t seem able to find a partition of the SSD. If I examine the SSD in disk utility, it shows the “Macintosh HD” partition but not the bootcamp partition. The “partition,” “erase”, “restore,” and “mount” commands are all grayed out.

I’m not sure where to go from here…any advice would be appreciated.


Disk Utility now hides the top-level volume. Try going to the View menu and select Show all Devices.