Cloning Bootcamp

Hi. I am replacing my old HD with an SSD. I cloned the mac side in half a day. I have, however been trying to clone my bootcamp and that has turned into an ordeal.

I saw a tutorial that used winclone and it seemed simple. There is no demo or free version I could try, so i had to buy it.

Now, 3 days later I have not only tried winclone several times with no success, but binding up my computer for whole days waiting for things to happen that ultimately failed.

I have researched other possibilities, followed up on all the error messages i got, and tried everything except using terminal coding - which if i buy software to d o a job, i shouldn’t have to use terminal to fix the software function.

By now I could have rebuilt bootcamp from scratch.

Show me how to make this work.

Let me see if I can help.

Can you give a bit more information? For instance:

  1. Type of Mac for both the source and the destination if they are different. You can find the Mac type under the Apple Menu->About this Mac under.
  2. What version of Winclone you are using.
  3. What version of Windows you are using.
  4. Are you migrating to an external drive? If so, what is the type of drive and how are you connecting it? (USB, Firewire, etc).
  5. Does the Windows volume mount on the Mac desktop?
  6. Does the Windows volume appear in Disk Utility (located in the Utilities folder)?
  7. Did you try the troubleshooting at
  8. What type of SSD?


Mid 2011 27"
version 7 windclone because I am using High Sierra
I am using Windows XP Pro
Cloning to SSD in USB external enclosure
I cannot get a successful clone for question 5 or 6.

I just did an image, waited all day for it to restore, only to have it report another error.

we no longer support windows XP. Apple firmware, OS, and hardware make it pretty much impossible to do so reliably.


well it would have been nice to have that information before I bought the app. So its pretty much useless to me. Please point me to a refund.

why, if I have a viable bootcamp partition that runs XP, using High Sierra, can it not be cloned? I believe I just haven’t found the right tool. But yours isn’t it obviously. Refund please.

submit a refund request here:

(i can’t do it via the forums since i don’t have good access to the purchase email).