Cloning Error: Error setting permissions on device /dev/disk0s2?

I am trying to save an image of a bootcamp SSD volume and It is ready-only, which is why I am getting this error. any ideas around this?

2020-01-09T23:23:23-05:00:hiberfil exists…probing…
2020-01-09T23:23:29-05:00:We have Windows, but no BOOT folder, so checking to see if there is another partition on the same drive that has the folder. If so, we have a split boot config, and will grab the boot files
2020-01-09T23:23:37-05:00:Setting to not sleep…
2020-01-09T23:23:37-05:00:Writing Version of Windows to Image
2020-01-09T23:23:37-05:00:Error connecting to priv helper: Couldn’t communicate with a helper application.
2020-01-09T23:24:01-05:00:Setting the system to allow sleep…

I’ve inquired about this issue before and so far, received not much help

Try using the uninstaller on the disk image and uninstall Winclone, the reinstall.