Cloning Error: Error setting permissions on device

Dear Tim & guys
I get this error trying clone the win10 bootcamp to my mac’s download folder
version 8.0.2
macOS10.15.3 new 16’’ model
have permitted full access for Winclone

pls do me a favor around this okay, I really don’t know what to do next now.
guide me some clue.

Winclone needs to be able to write to the drive, so it sets it as writable using a helper tool running as admin to allow this. Something is blocking it. Do you have any antivirus/security software that might be blocking it?


I have the same issue and I’m completely unable to solve it, I’ve checked and repaired permissions, run chkdsk, disabled AV and Tuxera, run the App with Admin privileges and always getting the same error.
Any news on this?

has this been figured out yet?