Cloning error status:46

I can’t create image. the message : Cloning error : there was an error while file imaging. Please check the volume and try again. Status : 46

Please verify that you can write to the destination drive.


Yes, I can write to the destination drive. The license key is not valid, because I get a refund. Can you send me a temporary key so I can test.


I’ve the same problem, error 46

My BootCamp partition is located on my MacBook Pro 2017 and I’ve try to different target (APFS and Mac OS Extended
MacBook Pro 2017 in disk mode connect on my MacBook Pro 2012 (Mojave)
New standard licence

Could you help ?

This is usually due to disk errors. Please try running CHKDSK:


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I have tried 4 times to create a Winclone image of my Bootcamp to no avail. I keep getting Error 46. I can write to the drive, I have check the disk with Windows error checking and I have run Disk utility on the Mac side.

Yourt videos made this look so easy, Winclone is the most frustrating software experience I have had this year

What is wrong?

Those are usually disk related errors. I would make sure to run chkdsk and reboot twice afterwards to make sure the disk doesn’t have any issues. Also, look in the log for further details. Finally, you can get a refund if you like.


I’m running into the same problem. Just purchased Winclone 8 in order to transfer my Bootcamp to a new Mac. Backup is not possible, it always stops on error 46.
I went through all the suggested steps with chkdsk and so on, doesn’t solve the issue.
This is really frustrating. I want my money back. :frowning:

Mine has been working for months and today it failed for the first time. This is an issue with the Windows disk and not Winclone. You need to run a check disk command to fix any disk issues before you can run the backup.

I ran chkdsk command and set to fix disk on restart and now it’s working again.

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