Cloning Volume to Volume

OK, I’m obviously confused here. I assumed that “cloning” my current SSD bootable external drive that has BootCamp on it (NTFS partition) would just need another drive, formatted the same way (NTFS).
Here is my procedure:

  1. Boot up MacOS on MBPro
  2. Plug in bootable external Samsung T5 SSD with BootCamp partition on it (NTFS partition)
  3. Plug in my new Samsung T7 external SSD (currently ExFat format)
  4. Run “Clone volume to volume”

I get the following error: Invalid Partition Type The Partition is not GPT. Winclone requires a GPT partition type.
What am I doing wrong here? I figured “cloning” one SSD to another would be using partition types that are similar NTFS vs. ExFat.
Any help is appreciated…thank you in advance.

Okay, got it to recognize the GPT partition (had to reboot), and then once it cloned the volume it asked me to inject the drivers (done)…still boots straight into the MacOS;<
I did get the new volume (new Samsung T7 SSD) to boot up but I had to push the “option” key and then I had 2 options 1) Macintosh HD and 2) EFI Boot.
I chose the EFI Boot and it booted up into Windows 10…yay!
Still annoyed that it does not recognize the external SSD clone drive like the original (which does boot straight to Windows without holding down option button).
Celebrate the small victories!

Can you set it in Startup Disk?