Cloning Windows 10 HDD bootcamp to new imac with SSD

I am concerned the the clone will fail as my existing Bootcamp partition is a hard drive, and the new iMac is full SSD (no Fusion drive). The drivers therefore will be wrong, so won’t Windows not recognize an hard drive on the new machine?

Yes, you are correct. You can run sysprep and/or inject drivers, but migrating to an SSD may very well require updated drivers.


Can you point to documentation on your site for this scenario? Not sure since if Winclone creates some sort of disc image that it then uses to create the new iMac Bootcamp drive, where would either of those options be available. And sysprep is pretty ninja stuff, even for someone that’s pretty tech savvy.

Bonus question, will M$ see it as a new device and deactivate my license? Parallels just hosed that when using Bootcamp in MacOS. Wasn’t pretty to get that fixed.

All the documentation is here: