Cloning Windows 10 on "unsupported" iMac

[Pre Sales Question]

Short-ish summary: I have a Mid 2011, 21.5" iMac. Officially, this does not support Windows 10, but last year I was able to get Windows 10 installed via Bootcamp and some sort of trickery I don’t fully remember. (I vaguely remember there was something about making the system BIOS bootable.) Anyway,

I just replaced the old HDD with an (old) SSD I had lying around (which was fortunately the same size.) I cloned the Mac side over with CCC, but now I’m trying to figure out the Windows side.

(Oh, this iMac only supports 10.13.6, so I’d be looking at Winclone 7, I believe.)

With this in mind, can I use Winclone 7 to clone a Windows 10 drive and will (should) it be bootable when completed?

(I should note, with the SSD installed, the mac default boots to a black screen which reads “no bootable media, insert media and press any key to continue” or something of that sort, so I’m leaning towards “yes this probably will work” but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask before purchasing.)

Thanks much!

yes this probably will work :slight_smile: