Cloning Windows 7 From HDD to SSD Mac Mini 2012

Classic Windows 7 cloning problem by the numbers.

  1. Set the stage:
    Apple Mac mini 2012 server
    Drive 1 in lower bay - Apple HDD
    Partition 1 OS X 10.8.5
    Partition 2 Windows 7 Created by boot camp - Runs great

    Drive 2 in upper bay EVO 860 1T SSD
    	Partition 1  OS X 12.6
  2. Booting into SSD 12.6 Ran Bootcamp and created windows partition.
    Installed Windows 7 and installed bootcamp drivers - Runs great
    Can boot back and forth between all 4 OS

  3. Booting into SSD 12.6 Run Winclone 7.1 and create image of Windows 7 from HDD
    Saved image on 10.8.5 HDD partition.

  4. Recover Windows image from HDD to bootcamp partition on SSD. Overwrite
    new working Windows 7.

  5. Booting into both Mac OS work great. Booting into Original windows on HDD
    works great. Booting into clone on SSD does not work.
    When in EFI boot, blank black screen - no cursor - EFI disk visible in boot
    When in “Legacy Mode” no EFI in boot manager, must use startup disk.
    Boots into black screen with “This is not a bootable disk….”

I’m at the of this process after many months of trying, and reading, and trying….
Seeing many with the same problem. Next step to chuck it and try either another
cloning software or rebuild the old OS by hand on the new SSD. Tech support??