Cloning Windows between drives

Hi everyone!

This week I managed to install Windows 10 Pro on an external drive using WinToUSB through a Virtual Machine. That resulted in a perfectly functional and responsive Windows installation which I can start from my Mac. Problem is, I originally wanted to do this with my Samsung T5 SSD, which I partitioned to welcome Windows on one half. But the virtual machine couldn’t recognise the partitioned disk, unfortunately, no matter what I did.

So this is my current situation:

  • External Toshiba HDD with bootable, working Windows 10 Pro.
  • External Samsung T5 SSD with two partitions, one for use on Mac, one for the Boot Camp-to-be.

I’m planning to buy Winclone to clone Windows 10 Pro from the external HDD and into the SSD for gaming purposes. It is technically a Boot Camp installation, with supporting drivers, EFI and everything, but I’m not sure if the Volume-To-Volume migration will work between external drives. Any chance you may be able to help me with that? Do you think it will work?

I have found the article on Twocanoes’ website about migrating Boot Camp to an external drive, but that procedure covers only a ‘proper’ Boot Camp installation which is sitting on the internal drive. This is not the case, and I’m worried it might not work properly. My case is so specific I couldn’t find anything similar on the Internet.

Thank you so much for your help!

We have not done testing on it, but it should work. If it doesn’t, we can refund your purchase.