Code 84 restore failure

I ran SysPrep on my ‘old’ mac using Winclone6 to migrate a win7 bootcamp partition (about 100Gb)
Prepped the ‘new’ mac with a 400G partition
Tried to restore the image into ‘new’ mac, got a message “Restore Error. WIM-based restore failure with error code 84”.
Tried several more times, same result
Went back to ‘old’ mac to try and restore it there. Same result. Double checked by erasing old partition and setting it up for MS-DOS (FAT).
Tried to restore disk image so that I could at least try to extract relevant files even if I have to start again with a windows install. Even that comes up with the same error.
This is not good…
Any fixes? I’m hoping I’ve not just lost all the data on that windows partition…

Please try restoring to a Disk Image and see if that successfully restores all your files.


same code 84 appears when I try that - if I could recover the file that way I’d at least have my work back…

so I keep trying to keep hold of someone and I don’t get a response to find that “new users are ignored” or some similar message. This is not really working for me. I used Winclone to migrate my windows bootcamp drive to a new Mac, it screwed up my machine as it suggested to issue the system prep on Windows to transfer the whole lot. We’re now a week or so later with no relevant support, and I’m completely screwed as I can’t get things like my pilot’s log book or various other windows programs back up on my new machine, can’t get access on my old machine, and I can’t even look at the content of the drive. No matter what I do, I get code 84.

Where are you seeing the “new users are ignored” message? I know the forums sometimes do not allow new users to post links.

As for the issue, In the Finder try control clicking on the image and select “Show Package Contents”. Then see the size of the Windows.wim (or boot.img.gz file if it is block based). That will at least tell us if the data got copied.


some weird message. Anyway - here is the package content using Finder

Any ideas on this? I seriously hope I didn’t lose all that data…

The fact that the Windows.wim file is 4.29 GB is a good sign. If you are able to join a web conference, I can set one up and we can investigate further.


sounds good, let me know when, I could do with getting access to that data. Unfortunately I’ve had to set up a new windows 10 partition on the new machine and re-load the basic software as I ran out of time, but we can try to restore it onto the original machine so that I can at least get some of those files back

Sorry it took a while to respond. We are preparing Winclone 7 for release this week.

How about on Thursday, May 31 at 11 am US/Central?


Good to go, 0900Pacific

0900PST - how do you want to proceed?

Sorry, getting the details now…

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