Common Restore Problems

For some reason I cannot visually pick the correct (out of 8 images) image I want to restore. The cursor apparently takes me off the screen and I can count how many down clicks I make to estimate where the correct image is. But the screen only displays the first 3 1/2 selections. So once I got to 4+ images it is guesswork to find the correct image.

Alternatively I can use Finder to locate the file and click on it and open Winclone - but even so it doesn’t show me the image I have selected until I say for it to do the Restore.

Other than that Winclone has been quite functional for me. This is such a trivial thing I am surprised it doesn’t work. It is as if the program forgot that there might be more images than can be seen on the screen at a given time.

Strange. Does the scroll bar not appear when you start scrolling like this:

Actually I think I figured out the problem.

On my computer the scroll column is ‘invisible’ for some reason. And is very narrow once I did find it. Once I clicked on the slim column I can in fact see that it is a scrollable screen. It just doesn’t auto-scroll when you use the arrow keys to move through the image selections.

The thing that didn’t work was when I use the down arrow to jump down through the list of images and get to the last visible image, the list does not scroll although the cursor apparently continues to move off-screen and allows selection if you can guess the correct image. And because the scroll column didn’t show up visibly, I never saw it until you mentioned it. I can now get along with the program okay. But I do think it would be more intuitive if using the down arrow actually caused it to scroll once you get to the bottom visible image – as do most GUI apps.

Thanks for your time. And I will say that as a Windows 10 Preview Build participant I have relied on my WinClone images to bail me out of some disasters over the past month or so.

John McDermon

Ah, I see. the arrow keys move the selected image but doesn’t scroll the view. I’ll add a fix in an upcoming release.

Thanks for the compliment. Glad to see Winclone is working for you (aside from the scroll issues).