Confused about functionality - move internal BC to external SSD

Hi guys. Considering purchasing but confused wether it’s possible to clone/move an internal Win 10 boot camp partition to an EXTERNAL USB or Thunderbolt drive.

I see mention of this on the docs but then it says
IMPORTANT: This article is a guide only. Apple requires that Windows be installed on your internal hard disk:

If it helps, here is my current setup
2017 MacBook Pro.
Win 10 running on internal SSD drive
Partition now too small
Have larger SSD external drive on way
Want to hold down option key when starting MacBook and run win from that


You can yes, I have done this on my iMac though its from a larger internal drive to a smaller external SSD.
Like the guide I think says just create an image of BC partition and restore it the external SSD but before you do this you need to make a change in Regedit to allow Windows to boot from USB.

This Youtube guide helped me: and I believe I found ppl mention it on these forums too.