Correct sequence

So I have a mac book pro 2013 - with 256G SSD with bootcamp. I bought a 512G SSD and installed it, reinstalled the OS (10.14). Then I used the migrate tool to move the data from the old SSD which is in an external case connected by USB.
So far so good. All is there.

Now I’d like to copy the bootcamp side of the old SSD to the new installed SSD in the mac.

So do I make a partition in the new SSD - then make an image of the windows side of the old SSD and put that image in the new partition, or put that image in the OS side of the new SSD?
Then I restore the image in the OS side to new partition or from image in new partition to new partition? Sorry I’m finding it a bit confusing… also, if I have to make a partition do I call it anything or do i have to call it Bootcamp?

Any words of wisdom much appreciated before I start (winclone 7). Thank you

This article should walk you through it:


Thanks much will read it through and see if I can get sorted, appreciate the reply.

So in my situation where I am putting in a new SSD, am I doing a backup and restore or a migrate to a new mac? What does a new SSD look like with the same mac hardware, not new hardware?


I havent read everything yet, but quick question; am I going to need an external storage device other than the old SSD that is in an external enclosure connected by USB ? If so I’ll pick one up. Thank you