Could not mount read/write the NTFS volume

I have installed successfully the latest stable version of OSXFUSE
When I click at “Mount Read/Write” of the Bootcamp NTFS volume from Source, it unmount and remount as “OSXFUSE Volume 0 (ntfs-3g)”
But when I goto Finder, there is no volume mounted as OSXFUSE Volume 0 as shown in your help.

How do I get my NTFS mounted so that I could write using Finder?

Do you use the Finder to attach the the OSXFUSE Volume ?

Please help.

OSXFuse has to be installed separately, but the best way I know is to buy the ntfs-support for MacOS from Paragon. Then you have always a read-and-write partition of bootcamp - and it can be helpful on other situations too.