Create Image from Volume Takes forever

I purchased Winclone 7 yesterday to migrate a windows partition to the same mac with a brand new SSD, the problem is that it looks like after setting aside the mechanical HD it had some logical problems, the volume to volume and the volume to image options, are showing an error “I error when coping data” and the action its stoped without any more info, where can I look for what is causing the problem.
Brand new macOS 10.12.6 installation in an iMac 27 late 2012 ( 32 GB/ 1 TB ssd)
In previous versions there was a verbose logging options, now after trying to create a clone and an image, that Windows 10 its not starting any more.
The original BootCamp partition was 600 GB with 490 used

Please try saving an image, then restoring the image. That should resolve the issue (or give a better idea why it is happening.