Create image from volume

When I create an image from Volume, I have the option of “Make WinPE Bootable on restore”. What needs to be in place for this to work ?

I have made files in “Deploy Share”. This is for example “LiteTouchPE_x64.iso” and
“LiteTouchPE_x64.iso”. I created these files using instructions

But when I came to the “Create winclone image from WinPE folder”, I got a message telling me I need pro version.
I am a private person, and I am not paying $ 575.00 for the pro version.

In the meny “Create Image from Volume”, what remains to be done to for the option “Make WinPE Bootable on restore” to work ?

The WinPE bootable option is only for mass deployment and shouldn’t be needed to migrate a boot camp partition. See there:


Thanks for the reply ! Maybe the WinPE option is not needed, but I suppose it would speed up the restore…

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