Created external volume from winclone backup but

Am trying to get a Win 10 winclone backup onto an external drive. Have used the volume creation capability onto an external ssd, and it booted once but then subsequently my mac stopped seeing it in the boot list. Am going to recreate the disk but am trying to understand why it worked once but not a second time… Not sure I did the sysprep on it before I captured the backup with winclone. Am using the latest version of winclone and macOS. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Am going to try cleaning out my disk and creating a bootcamp partition to restore the image to. My end goal is a virtual machine image of this Win system, and I think it may be simpler to capture one from a bootcamp partition. And perhaps creating a bootable external drive may be easier to debug going from a bootcamp partition to the drive directly as well… Will post my results here.

OK, so created a bootcamp partition and successfully (sort of) restored my Windows 10 winclone image to it. Unfortunately it still is not seen by the boot process and when I tried to make a VM out of it Parallels said there was ‘no bootable image’ on the disk. Thought I followed things exactly, but…

Sigh. So, successfully created an external volume from the winclone image that booted ‘once’ but them would never boot again. Tried again, no boot. Successfully restored the winclone image to a bootcamp partition, but it never booted, or was seen by the mac as a bootable partition. One thing I did notice is that the bootcamp ‘disk’ got renamed to Windows on the restore.

So, any suggestions on how to get my Win 10 winclone image to work again? (double sigh)

It is strange that it would boot once and then never boot again. Is this true each time you restore it?

Sigh, it takes hours to restore. Restored to an external disk twice, the first time it booted that once then never showed up in the boot list again. Second time it just never showed up at all… So, created a bootcamp partition and restored to it, but it is not bootable, and shows up as ‘windows’ not bootcamp. Will give the external disk another shot today to see if it behaves in the same fashion.

Or, would it be better to try recreating the bootcamp partition?

OK, rebuilt the external drive from the winclone backup, and now it seems to boot appropriately. It still does not show in the boot devices from system preferences, but doing the option key on boot up identifies it… Was hoping I could use Parallels to capture a vm of it, but Parallels does not see a bootable image either (same as system preferences boot disk). Still confusing, but workable at this point.

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