Creating a Windows 10 Recovery Partition?

When Windows 10 is installed using Bootcamp, one notable feature that is not present is a Recovery Partition. The absence of this feature makes recovery the within Windows Boot Environment very challenging, if not impossible.

Adding a simple and automated (or semi-automated) process to Winclone that would create such a partition is a feature that would be invaluable, in my opinion, and I am unaware of any such software that is designed to address this issue on the Mac.

Discussion and comments are welcome and appreciated.

I agree that it would be neat. I have been able to boot to WinRE with a single partition by having Windows boot to a WIM RE image. It would be interested into figure out when/how that happens and make it an option.


Thanks for your comment. I suspect that if some interest is demonstrated for this potential feature, two canoes would consider investigating the potential for adding this functionality.

If you are reading this topic and share a desire for this feature, please add your comments to this thread.

Thank you.