Creating backup of Bootcamp fails due to block size

I followed the instructions regarding the preparation of the external drive (Formatted the drive with GUID, the partition to FAT). I select my Bootcamp partition in the Sources section, and my newly formatted partition in Destinations. Upon attempting to “Restore To Volume," WinClone 6 unmounts both partitions, asks for my admin password and then presents the following error:

"The image you are are restoring has a block size of 4096 and the destination has a block size of 512. This will cause Windows to be unbootable. Do you want to continue?”

I was aware of the inability to restore from a mismatched block size of an older Mac to the newer Macs (such as my newest generation iMac). However, that does not apply here, as I am attempting to create a new backup. I’ve reformatted the drive multiple times, set the allocation block size to 4096 on the destination drive, but keep getting the same error message for the past 2 hours now. My frustration level is now pretty high. Please help!

The physical block size is not something that can be set manually. You can see the physical block size of each disk by running this command on the disk:

diskutil info disk0

(replace disk0 with the disk identifier of each drive). Look for “Device Block Size”. My guess is that the external drive you have has a 512 byte physical block size.