Creating BootCamp from Parallels VM using WinClone 6

I added a 2nd Hard drive to my iMac and Windows 10 will not now install on BootCamp. I wiped all disks and started again, however there is a well known issue that Windows 10 won’t install under BootCamp on a multi Disk System.
I have a Parallels VM running Windows 10 perfectly.

My question is:
Can I use WinClone 6 to create an Image from the Mounted drive of the non-running virtual disks (mounted using Parallels Mounter), which I can then Restore into a BootCamp partition? I will SysPrep it before mounting it. I know it doesn’t work with WinClone 5, but wondered if the use of WIM format would now allow it. I don’t really want to buy the Pro version of 6 unless I can be sure it will work.

Seems possible, though i have not done it myself. You’ll have to install drivers after restore, but it should boot. Let me know how it works out.


Has anyone verified that this can indeed be done. I’m not having much luck figuring out how to do it if it can be done.

It doesn’t look like Winclone can use any drive to image from other than Bootcamp. Is this not correct?

I tried mounting the Parallels VM using Parallels Mounter, but Winclone didn’t see it as a possible source.

Any news on this? I would like to do the same for a Fusion 11 virtual disk to a Bootcamp partition.