Creating Bootcamp Partition creates unwanted partition which will not delete

Hello, I am using Winclone 6 and am running 10.11.6.

I Wincloned my Windows 7 onto an external hard drive prior to inserting my new SSD in my 2011 macbook pro. I cloned the Mac drive using superduper.

Anyways, after starting up my macbook with the new SSD inside, I went ot create a boot camp partition per the “Creating a Boot Camp Partition for Winclone 6 or later” article created on 10/01/19, last updated 11/23/20.

The first time I did this, I got an error message. I clicked the minus button in disk utility removing the faulty partition, and then restarted the computer.

On the second attempt, the partition was created. However, a third, unwanted was also created.

I have a 1 tb ssd. I asked disk utility to create a 385gb partition for Bootcamp. The unwanted partition is 115gb.

The minus sign for this partition is grayed out and I cannot remove it.

I suspect if I delete the 385gb Bootcamp partition the 115gb one will go away but I don’t know.

Any advice on how to rid the 115 gb one? I don’t want to waste that space.

Thank you

I will add that I have tried unmounting this third partition as well. It did nothing.

Unfortunately, you probably have to start over. You could also try “iPartition” but not sure if it support APFS at all.


What are the steps to start over. Do I need to format the hard drive and clone Mac HD from my original HD again?

Do you know what caused this issue and how to avoid it?


Does anyone know the best way to start over? Thanks

Do you have access to the original hard drive still? If so, just wipe the new drive and migrate again like you did the first time. It seems that disk utility had a issue where it didn’t report a partition was created.


Ok I put old hard drive back in mac. Formatted ssd and am now waiting for super duper to clone mac side

Should this next attempt be for me to follow the instructions in the article.

OR would I be better off trying bootcamp assistant?

I don’t have the windows 7 installer I don’t think but maybe I can find it

Should performing the partition the way the article states give me a single partition like I am wanting?

Then I will just load the winclone file from my external hard drive into winclone and it will place it in the partition?

Please help I am running out of time to return components if this doesn’t work for me

Thank you

This is a message I get when I try with disk utility

When I run it again I got these

And then it moves my mac hard drive to the smaller sized partition I created for bootcamp

Any one know about this?