Creating disk image doesn't work!

I bought this software this morning on the promise it would help me migrate Bootcamp onto a new drive.
I’m trying to install a SSD into my Macbook pro.
the results have been less than convincing.
Firstly the bootcamp partition disappeared after the first image attempt.
Plus, like others, I had the ‘there was an error’ and the ‘clone was successful’ contradictions!
Reading through this forum, I understand this has been an issue for some.
After two unsuccessful attempts, new images of 4GB were created…the partition I have occupies at least 70GB.
So, I reformatted the target drive to HFS+.
After a few more hours of supposed activity, the result seemed a little more convincing, but the outcome rendered a file in the order of 16GB.
Still not convinced, I decided to try the “use Block-Based” imaging option in preference.
Finally I could see some activity, but the resultant file was back to 4GB…no where near the actual 70GB I’d expect.

Explanations and guidance most welcome, preferably with some clear and workable solutions.

Thank you

BTW I’m on a 15" MBP running Sierra (10.12.6) and Winclone 7.3

We are investigating the error message that you outlined. Thanks for letting us know.

As for the size of the Winclone image, there are a couple of explanations:

  1. If you check the file size of the image while the image is being created, the Finder does not update the size correctly. Try control clicking on the image, and the select Show Package Contents. Look a the size of the Windows.wim (or boot.img.gz) file.

  2. The image is compressed and doesn’t include the memory swap or hibernation file. Those can be multiples of the physical memory. As an estimate, take the amount of used space on the windows partition, subtract the amount of physical memory, and assume compression of 5 to 20 percent.