Delete Winclone 8 image?

Great software, successfully imaged my Bootcamp and moved to a new SSD. Everything worked perfectly. I had created the Winclone image on my Mac partition; but now I cannot delete it; “Get Info” from the Mac side doesn’t show it locked or otherwise not in my permissions. I tried to delete it from the Terminal; claimed it was a directory so rm didn’t work, rmdir only gets the response “Read only file system”. Not critical at this juncture, but how I would like to get rid of a 111GB file. Any guidance?

I don’t know if this is actually published because it appears ‘greyed out’ but I found the answer: reboot using your recovery disk; and then go into the Windows clone folder (it is not really a file) and rm -f for each file. Then you can rmdir the Windows clone folder.

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