Deleting a bootcamp image

I have just upgraded from Winclone Basic to Standard. I want to delete a pre-existing bootcamp image done with Winclone Basic and then create a current bootcamp image using Winclone Standard
Can I do this without causing any issues??
Please reply Thank you

You should be able to select the image in sources and press the delete key on the keyboard, and it will be removed from sources.


I have a new problem, i cannot activate my Winclone 7 Standard on 1 of my laptops, please increase the number of my activations, recently did some upgrading on my existing laptops
My Order Number/Invoice is 3664437 dated May 18-2018, my email is [redacted] Please reply, Thank you

It shows that you have 2 activations remaining. Please give it a try now.


Had to uninstall and then reinstall Winclone Standard 7 , then I was able to activate it, Thank you!!

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