DEP Not Enroling Devices

Hi! I’m having a terrible time getting MDS to work as an MDM via DEP. I’ve got all green lights, and the serial numbers that I’ve assigned to MDS are coming through from Apple, but my Enrollment config isn’t coming through.

This article may help troubleshoot the issue:

Also, make sure you re-save the initial profile once you assign them in the DEP portal since that is what associates the serial number to the profile on apple’s servers.


Hi guys,
I’m having the exact same problem. All lights green but no DEP enrollment. I’ve checked one of the machines activation record which returned Null though it’s listed in the MDS microMDM.
In the MDS Logs I found this error:
level=info component=depsync msg=“DEP sync” more=false cursor=MDowO…5NDE fetched=2020-06-17T09:40:53Z devices=2
level=debug msg=“updating devices from DEP” device_count=2
level=info component=depsync err=“assign profile: unexpected dep response. status=404 DEP API Error: PROFILE_NOT_FOUND” msg=“auto-assign error assigning serials to profile” profile=XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX…

Error assigning serials to profile, but why? In DEP I have reassigned these 2 serials from our current MDM server to the microMDM Server of MDS and updated the profile in MDS afterwards.

BR, Loïc

Hi there,

Any luck with this? I noticed that our workflows are skipping DEP enrollment as well, even though they are assigned in ASM

I’m still having this issue. I need to put some more time into troubleshooting, but I’ve been pulled in other directions.