Deploy Big Sur Beta?

Just wondering if MDS 3.6 supports Big Sur Beta. I tried it and no go.

we are working on it!


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Hi there,

No rush,

I wonder if there is any issues with MDM3 for imaging macOS Big Sur; as it noticed the imager keeps throwing errors and still not go for macOS Big Sur ver 11.0.1(20B29)
Are you aware of such issues?
*I have no issues with Catalina, but, this latest version, is still a no go.

Thank you for your help.

Strange. We have done full testing on 11.0.1 and have not seen any issues. What are the errors? Is it an M1 mac?


We are seeing the same issue. My workflow includes MacOS installation. Doesn’t look like it is uploading the all resources only the OS. MacOS installation completes successfully but thats about it. No pkgs get installed or scripts run.


I am pretty sure I understand you what you are saying in your latest post, but for my own sanity I just want to put in my own words. These are on Intel Macs. Currently you cannot run MDS to upgrade to Big Sur with a Catalina Recovery partition. If the computer has the Big Sur recovery, then MDS with Big Sur will work to reinstall and run workflows. Am I understand this correctly? Thanks for all your hard work on this. I sure hope you can find a solution for the M1 Macs other than Apple Configurator 2 or MDM/DEP workflows.




Yes, you have it correct. Apple has known about the issue for a while and we are hopeful that it will be fixed soon*.

*somewhat hopeful. Cynically hopeful? Sigh.