Deploy Stuck on (5 of 5) 100% Complete

Has anyone else come across this issue?

Either using the Flash Drive MDS or mounting an http Diskimage, post copying the files over and I believe a reboot, the boot process gets stuck endlessly at the very last part of the progress bar.

The login screen message flashes between (5 of 5) and 100% Complete.

If I hard reboot, sometimes the Computer Name issues from Imgr prompt will stick. Sometimes it will not.



After you do a force reboot, look in /var/log/install.log and it should show you what it was stuck on.


Mine the same but 7 of 7, I just turned off and reboot and worked. :smiley::smiley:

Did you find a solution to this, I don’t know if i’m just impatient or if there’s an issue. I’ll give it another half hour and look in the install logs and see what’s happening.