Deploying from SMB File Server

I’m running into some trouble with running a workflow using the SMB file server and a disk image setup. I followed the instructions on the Admin Guide, but when I connect the Automaton, it boots into recovery and launches the terminal and begins to run the command and then it fails. The mount point comes up as a read-only filesystem and it cant find the mount point.
The commands do work when I log into the OS and run them in terminal. Everything mounts perfectly, but not through the terminal when in the recovery partition. I searched for videos on Youtube, but theres only videos that show how to deploy from an external drive or a web server. There was no video on how to run a work flow from a Windows file server. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

what’s your exact mount command you are using and the output error? screenshots?

Here is the exact command as I have it :
mkdir macimages
mount_smbfs smb://macimages:Goodhue2020@storage-1/macimages ./macimages
hdiutil mount ./macimages/mds/Labs.dmg

I’ve included a screenshot of what it produces when it runs in terminal. It says moumkdir: macimages: Read-only file system.

Again, these commands work in Terminal when i’m in the OS.

Try creating the mountpoint in /var or /tmp instead. that is usually writable. Then adjust the smb_mount to mount it there.