Deploying from Web Server

I’m unclear on how to mount images from my web server in recovery. I don’t see any options for pointing it to the server.

This is covered in the MDS Config Guide:

(see the Running the Workflow section).


Tim, It’s not helpful to say RTFM. Couldn’t you just explain that it is a terminal command. For example.
The name of my web server is
The name of the image is MDS_OSX_10-14-4.dmg
So from the Mac that was booted into recovery mode. Run TERMINAL and enter this command:
hdiutil mount &&

The && /vol… part starts the install process.

See Tim, that wasn’t so painful, now was it???
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-Ray F.-


I didn’t mean to be brusk. When I went to get the command in the guide, I saw there was a lot more detail, examples and information, so sending you to that section seemed like it would be a better route. It did come across as RTFM.

I’ll try and do better.


One detail that looks like it gets missed alot is that “sometimes” the web servers is NOT configured to allow serving up files with the “.dmg” extension. I have had to go into TWO Windows IIS configs and “check” on “.dmg”. Once done, presto like magic, it was working.
Just My 2 cents.
-Ray F.-

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