Didn’t copy all the files

Used version 6 Standard to clone BOOTCAMP partition from MacBook Pro SATA HD. Restored to SSD HD. Booted up and reviewed the contents, and found that random collections of files were missing (i.e. game files for the SIMs). The cloning and restoring took ages but did complete successfully without error. Disappointed with the product, I had to put the original drive back in. Wasted hours.

I would have to review the logs to see exactly what happened, but you can also try block-based imaging set in the preferences. Winclone shouldn’t skip files. Let me know if you would like to try again.


Sorry for my delay in getting back. I had purchased your software with a single intention and found that it didn’t meet my expectations, and the need for which I purchased it is no longer a concern. Would it be possible to get a refund?


David Zizza

Sure. Submit a request here: