Different, Can't boot into Windows/csrutil question


I can’t seem to boot into Windows. I created the profile and it all looks great. I select Windows and it restarts but restarts back into the Mac side. The correct icon pops up and the correct name is on the screen for the Windows selection.

Here is what I think. Since we are an educational institution we are having to use some older MacMIni 2010s. These can only go up to 10.13 so I used the patch to upgrade to 10.14 to uses Boot Runner 3. This will not let me boot into Recover Mode. I can’t do the csrutil command from there so I try after booting from the 10.14.6 USB installer disk and doing it from Terminal there but i am sure that is the correct way Is there a way to be able to do it otherwise. Thank you.

We have heard of other issues related to the shim that allows you to run later versions of macOS.