Disconnecting External Drive Where Clone is Stored

I have Winclone 7 Standard, created a backup bootcamp image on an external drive, and set the incremental imaging to update the backup every three days. When I travel with my computer, I leave the external drive at home. The problem is, when I then start the computer, Winclone reports that it can’t find the image to update (understandable, as the image is on a drive that is no longer connected). Every time I dismiss the notice, it pops right back up. Worse, the program won’t allow me to turn off the incremental image scheduler while this notice is popping up. The only way I could access the incremental image scheduler to turn it off was to create a new image on my local drive and point Winclone to the new image. Is there a more elegant solution (assuming that I’ve forgotten to turn off the incremental image scheduler before disconnecting my external drive)?

We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.