Discount Code can not be applied when upgrading from Basic to Standard

I purchased Winclone Basic so I was not able to apply the discount code. I then upgraded to Standard within Winclone 6 but I paid the full $20.00 so now I am out the Full 39.99 when I could have paid $27.99 if I had bought Standard in at the start and used the Discount Coupon. Any chance of getting the $12.00 savings after the fact or getting a full refund and then I can repurchase using the coupon? The purchase was made yesterday (8/30/2017).

You can submit a request for a partial refund here:

I will issue the partial or full refund depending on the request. You should receive an email from paddle with in a day or so. If you a receiving a full refund be sure to deactivate your license key.