Do I Still Need To Do a Sysprep to Migrate to a Newer MacBook Pro

Tim, I have a 2011 MacBook Air that has Windows 10 installed on it and it works fine. When I previously migrated it to my mid 2015 MacBook Pro, I am still getting the following Blue Screens of Death:

  • Unexpected Store Exception
  • Bad Pool Caller
  • System Service Exception What failed - atikmpag.sys

I watched the videos on Winclone 8 to migrate Bootcamp to a different MacBook. Your videos do not say that you need to do a Sysprep before doing the migration. It says to make a clone using Winclone 8 and then to migrate the clone image to a different MacBook. Do I still need to do a Sysprep?

I cannot install Catalina on the 2011 MacBook Air so this also means I cannot install Winclone 8 on it since it requires Catalina to do the installation.

I ran update and have Windows 10 at version 1909. I then used Winclone 7 to clone an image of my Bootcamp partition.

Now for my questions:

  1. Can I restore the Windows 10 clone image to my 2015 MacBook Pro without doing Sysprep?

  2. Will Winclone 8 take an image created with Winclone 7 and successfully migrate it to my MacBook Pro.

  3. Since my Bootcamp partition on my MacBook Pro is constantly having Blue Screens of Death, if I reinstall the latest version of all Windows drivers, do you think this might make the BSODs stop?

Thanks for your help!


It will migrate the data and make it bootable, but success usually depends on drives. But it should.

drivers are a major reason for BSOD. So I would think so.


Tim, thanks so much for your answers to my questions. I will reinstall the drivers today.

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