Does Winclone change the hybrid MBR to EFI when Restoring?

I have a Mac Mini (late 2012) which requires a hybrid MBR in order to boot into the Windows Bootcamp partition. I used Winclone to save a clone of a fine running Bootcamp Win 10 partion in order to remove and enlarge the Bootcamp partition. I’ve successfully recreated my new (larger) Bootcamp partition with a clean install of Win 7 - which generated a hybrid MBR and seems to work fine.

I want to know, will Winclone change the hybrid MBR to EFI when I attempt to restore my Win 10 clone with Winclone?

Never mind. The Winclone 6 Standard does convert the MBR hybrid to EFI - and then I must revert it back to Legacy boot.

This Winclone action doesn’t seem to make sense (to assume mac has the most current hardware). Especially since it is clear from information on the Twocanoes site that it knows which Mac hardware can use MBR hybrid versus EFI.

Winclone does try to determine EFI bootability based both on the hardware and version of Windows. It is documented here: