Does Winclone create a new hybrid MBR

Last year, I was able (finally) to get Windows 10 running well in BootCamp. My MacBook Pro is a MBP 9,1 - legacy boot. Disk Utility (Mojave) did NOT create a hybrid MBR when I created a FAT partition, so I was thoroughly “stuck” with regard to installing Windows 10 from my USB drive (prepared using Boot Camp Assistant) until I was advised to try using GPT fdisk for Mac to create the hybrid MBR.

That resolved my installation issues. My question is this - if I have a Winclone 7 image of my Windows 10 boot camp partition, and was starting off with a new hard drive, would Winclone somehow take care of creating a hybrid MBR as part of the restore process? Or would I once again have to first use GPT fdisk to prepare the disk? I have read the knowledge base which says “Winclone will set the Mac to legacy booting mode when restoring”. I’m hoping that means no future need for GPT disk.


When formatting a disk with Disk Utility in macOS, it is the default to have a GPT disk. The fdisk hybrid record is only added by Winclone if needed and if SIP is disable. If you mac is newer than 2013 (or so) and it is Windows 10, booting via EFI is the norm and should work fine.