Does Winclone work when BitLocker is enabled?

I’m aware this didn’t used to work - is this still not possible?

If this is still not possible then what is the easiest work around?


Bitlocker needs to be disabled prior to creating a clone.


Will this also be directly supported in the future? Is this already being planned somewhere?
Deactivating Bitlocker first and then performing the backup is somehow not very practical.

If I simply decrypt the Bootcamp partition with e.g. “Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere” beforehand, this unfortunately does nothing, because WinClone separates this mounted partition again immediately and then waits without progress.

Otherwise, is there another solution that is compatible with the following:

  • BootCamp partition encrypted
  • BootCamp operating system usable in Parallels
  • Backup with WinClone (or working alternative)

Kind regards

Due to the way winclone works, it doesn’t work on bitlocker volumes. Sorry.