Double bootcamp and EFI name instead of Bootcamp

Hello. I have a Macbookpro with osx mojave and a Bootcamp with windows 10. I created an SSD with Catalina then I made a Bootcamp clone and Restore it in Catalina. All good but it doesn’t work.
Or rather … he sees it part but halfway through the windows boot it stops and starts again with catalina. Maybe I need to cancel the Mojave Bootcamp?
I notice that on the boot screen the SSD Bootcamp is called EFI and not Bootcamp. Help …

We have not found any different between when it says “EFI” versus “Window”. I have heard of issues where multiple boot camp partitions cause issue booting.


I think I have the same Problem - I jumped from Catalina to Big Sure - using Winclone 9. I btw changed the size of the Bootcamp partition, trying to restore to a bigger partition.
As in your case the Bootcamp Partition is not shown in the boot options with the real name, but rater only EFI. If selected Windows is trying to boot, but the system restarts immediately and is porperly booting into MacOS.