"EFI Boot" drive showing when starting Mac

Hi there. I used Winclone 10 to install Windows 11, precisely following the instructions in the TwoCanoes YouTube video. (I’m on a new 2020 27" iMac.)

Everything works fine, EXCEPT… Whenever I start up my Mac holding down the “Option” key, it now shows THREE drives: Macintosh HD, Windows, and EFI Boot. Selecting “EFI Boot” results in a blank screen, requiring me to force the iMac off using the power button.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to get rid of this “phantom” boot drive. I can’t find any references to this in the TwoCanoes instructions re: installing Windows 11.

It’s been six days… Is no one from Twocanoes going to reply to this?

I have not had a chance to look into it and have not seen it myself. It shouldn’t cause any issues, and it most likely caused by the bootloader on the EFI partition. Are there other devices plugged in that might have a bootloader on the EFI partition?


Yes! Thank you SO MUCH! That did it!

I have a secondary hard drive Thunderbolted into my iMac, and for some reason there was an EFI partition on it with a boot loader file on it (no idea why). I used Terminal to delete that file, and viola! No more phantom “EFI Boot” when starting up.

Thanks a lot! Winclone rocks!

It was a pretty random guess on my part so I am glad it worked out!