EFI Drive Boots, but dumps me in a blank screen

I’m trying to Migrate Windows 10 to a Mac Pro (2019) with Winclone 8

I’ve created a bootable EFI drive as described here: https://twocanoes.com/knowledge-base/migrating-windows-10-to-a-mac-pro-2019-with-winclone-8/

The drive boots to the black and blue windows screen but then I just get a black screen and the installer does not start.

Any advice?

Also, do I need to use a USB thumb drive to do this? Can I create a small internal partition with the necessary files and boot from that?


Additional: the thumb drive boots right up on a MBA 2012 that I had lying around.

Monitor/GPU driver missing for the base 2019 MP perhaps? Can anyone reproduce my results?

A couple of things:

  1. If you are migrating to a 2019 MacBook Pro and getting the “inaccessible boot device” error, try the beta of Winclone 8.2. It allows you to inject the SSD and drivers to get the keyboard and mouse working:


  1. I did find that some model of Macs do not boot correctly if you include all the drivers from the WinPEDriver folder. Try just adding in the apple drivers. That is covered here:


I have been working hard on getting the driver injection working, so please give #1 a try and let me know if it works.


Thanks for replying!

I am using a 2019 Mac Pro. Will the same recipe apply?


It should. But try #1 first, since it is the easiest.


Injection failed with Winclone 8.2 48109 on a pre-existing Bootcamp restored partition. I received an error message saying that the portion could be mounted read/write. Is that a typo?

So, I re-restored to my Bootcmp partition using Winclone 8.2 48109 and then injected the driver with no problems.

However, when I tried to boot it up, I saw the black screen with a windows logo and then nothing followed by a reboot into macOS. No error messages were given.


Thanks for the typo. I fixed it in the latest build. Can you try the newest beta?