El Capitan MDS Installer


Would you be able to provide me with the download file for the version of MDS to run on El Capitan. I believe it might be version 1.4 or earlier but on the Version History it doesn’t allow me to download the installer.

Jack Chilton

I don’t believe we supported 10.11. That being said, the workflows should work fine for recovery partitions 10.10 or greater.


When I run the workflows I’ve created I get an error 1 code from the terminal, is there a reason why it is doing this or a way I can get around this.

My workflows have been working fine up until trying it on a Refurbished Mac that can only run 10.11.

can you post the log?

hold on. mds requires the startosinstall command that was added after 10.11 iirc. are you trying to install 10.11 with MDS? if so, then it won’t have the startosinstall option to work.