ElegooUnoR3 2019

I’ve currently purchased a Elegoo Uno R3 to turn into a MDS, I’ve followed all the steps on the website to create my own MDS but when I try to configure Automation or Create Automaton it doesn’t pick the Elegoo Uno R3 up, I’ve check the Mac system preferences it say the USB drives are installed :s.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong or is there a process to get this working.

Jack Chilton

Thanks for the reply, I followed all the steps within that link, I got all the way down to the part where it asked me to upload the Automation code and I got the error in the photo attached.

The first one shows that the Automation has been complied, and the second one shows the error I get when trying to upload.


I see that you still have the ItsyBitsy selected as your board. You need to change that to the board you are using.


Hi Tim,

I’ve selected the board I’m using but now I get an error stating “error hid-project can only be used with USB MSU”

If I run the example blink test it works perfectly fine and uploads

Kind Regards

Not all arduino devices support USB mode that HID-Project requires. Sounds like that is what you are running into. I would recommend getting an itsybitsy 5V from adafruit or from us: