Error -30 Preventing Backup Output

Hi there! I have tried to backup my Bootcamp partition over and over and keep getting this same error message:

Verify Failed! Image creation failed verify check. Try running chkdsk /b when booted in Windows to repair and try again. Error -30.

So I have tried a chkdsk in Windows. Further I have checked the drive integrity with other applications. Nothing seems wrong.

I have been able to make a monthly backup since March so this is a new issue.

Further, does anyone have a 5.7.6 update file for a Standard license? I cannot seem to find a link to it online anywhere.

Thanks for the time!

You should be able to updated right from in the app under the Winclone menu. Does that not work?


Hi Tim - when you try to use the update in Winclone it is not able to find the file. I am guessing the Twocanoes folks moved the update file since it is an older version.

Another option is to just download the latest. Create an account at with the email you used to purchase, and you can download from there.


Hi Tim - I created a profile as you suggested and downloaded the latest version of 5.0. It gives me the same error as the Basic version I installed:

This version of Winclone requires 10.12 or earlier.

Does this mean I have to pay to upgrade to version 6.0?

Yes, since the changes in 10.12 required a major update. You get an upgrade discount. Send a message to here:

asking about upgrade pricing (you should also have an email from us when we released winclone 6 unless you opted out).