Error 60 on WIM File based restore

We have two different systems that are both failing to restore with the same “WIM-based restore failure with error code 60”. The original Winclone images are from iMac 21.5" Late 2012 and they are being restored to brand new iMac 27" 2019 (running 10.14 Mojave). The original iMac’s were running Windows 7 but have been upgraded to Windows 10 and then imaged with a 10.12 Sierra Mac system.
After checking the console log i can see that it verify’s the image and gets to 36% of the file restore and then exits with Code 60. The following log line says “Setting the system to allow sleep…”
Any help would be appreciated, am using Winclone 8 but was also getting the same problems with Winclone 7

Please try switching to block based imaging, create a new image and then try restoring again,

I’m afraid i have already tried that as i am going from an old hard drive based iMac to a new SSD based iMac the block sizes are different, so it would’t allow me to do it. Also tried the direct computer to computer transfer, which obviously gave the same block size issue, so had to go to the WIM file image instead to get around that issue.